A century ago, The future predicted

How could we imagine the year 2000 at the turn of the 19th and the 20th century? Dream science fiction gives all the more curious results when – the future of yesterday become the past of today – these projections can face what actually became the world.

The series of postcards is one of the most impressive proof that some people can almost predict the future, and other can be completely wrong… We can see cleaning robots, drone delivery, but also strange inventions that would not match any need…

Postcards imagined by artists between 1899 and 1910.

It notes a certain obsession with an old dream, to fly. Opportunities are good, so that the wings are pushing us: tennis, Hunt, a fire, distribute mail, take the bus, walk along the avenue of the Opera in Paris, or to make the flying police.

Same fixed idea regarding exploration seabed, that we start, believed to control surprisingly recreational way: racing on back of fish, ride (hectic) scuba, or still part of croquet underwater. Yet, as for the fantasy of the man or the flying car, it’s not done: in 2017, “the oceans remain almost entirely unexplored and untapped (set apart to extract all the fish that live there).

Time, therefore, is not necessarily evolved as expected… On other points yet, artists may have more flair: when they talk about chemical food or livestock, for example.

Another trend, which appears in several drawings won’t be contradicted by “modern times”: the replacement of the human hand by robots and varied (examples here and here). In all cases, every alleged invention remains marked by a style very “beautiful time”, whether in the design of the machines or in clothing. We did not so easily detract the glasses of his time.


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