Project of Aerostatic Fighter Ship in 1788

In 1788, aerostatic balloons seem to be the future of transport in the air.

The vision of the Renaux (17..-18..) air combat was clearly inspired by the sea transport of the time. Here are his proposals:

Combat air of two ships, each of 100 pieces of Cannon, with arches of steel instead of gunpowder, and 1,000 men, the year 100 of the invention of the Aerostatic Machines.

Renaux proposed the following features:

  • 100 foot keel aerostatic vessel
  • Balloons or globes in number and capacity sufficient to carry the vessel and its charge
  • A combat ship model with cylinder-shaped balloon to improve vertical visibility
  • Rescue balloons for several men
  • Observation balloons with a gallery around the balloon to observe the surroundings

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Document Source: BnF/Gallica

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