Don’t Leave AI Up to Corporations

Now that machines are learning to do all sorts of things on their own, from deciding who gets bail to finding new pharmaceuticals, the question is how we can ensure that computers don’t accidentally screw up people’s lives.

The results from a new survey conducted on behalf of the Royal Society, a UK-based scientific fellowship, show that at the very least folks want the government to be involved in deciding how AI develops. Indeed, “71% of people feel that the government should play some role in the development of machine learning,” the survey states.

Despite much of the basic research in deep learning being done in government-funded university labs, private corporations like Google and Facebook have largely been responsible for bringing the technology into our daily lives. It’s safe to assume that this will continue, and big shots like Bill Gates have begun thinking about how to control the technology’s rollout and to protect workers who may see their jobs automated. For Gates and politicians who agree, this means a robot tax, but there are other ideas out there, like the government forcing companies that use robots to pay into a public trust.


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