Future of Home Learning and Education imagined in 1967

In 1967, 9 years before the first Apple was revealed, some people imagined the future with a stunning accuracy.

Philco-Ford Corporation, a appliance and radio manufacturer, sponsored a time travel into the future in celebration of its 75th Anniversary.

In 1967, looking at year 1999 was as for us looking at years 2050. An appliance and radio manufacturer was naturally imagining of a world full of appliances and radio like devices. This look into the future seems quite accurate.

Each family member’s activities are enabled by a central computer and the interaction involves multiple products. We will have the opportunity to see a children, father and mother in action in year 1999.

The vision about knowledge and education was very accurate as you will find in the pictures and the video below.

Learning and Education

The father has access to scientific information from a large display to expend his knowledge. The access to the information seems very fast, and the point exposed is the capability to expand his knowledge with the machine.

In the meantime, the children is in the learning room, with something that looks as two analog computers.

Two computer terminals are visible in the picture, as the central computer with terminal was the common vision at this time.

The children can interact with the computer-assisted education viewer, a computer-assisted quiz system that analyzes the responses.

The computer display looks as a microfilm reader that would be interactive. Analog computer would hardly deliver this kind of user experience, but today the quiz is a classic app most students use that way.

This quiz imagined in 1967 looks as a modern computer based quiz. The student read the question, choose a response on the keyboard and get the result.

When the kid is not interacting with the computer assisted education viewer, he has access to other screens: a large one from where he can immersed in a space mission, or a smaller one from where he can have a direct access to cartoons.

The large, immersive screen in the living room is good to follow the astronauts traveling to the moon.

Video: Future home and family life

You can watch the video below. As a 50 years old record, the quality is not stunning but we was able to restore it and obtain a pretty good quality of the key sequences. You will see the father and the son interacting with the central computer via interactive terminal.

We hope you enjoyed this time travel!

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