Futuristic Paris 1900-2900 – Two visions, same result: a green city

Paris is a special city, where the weight of the path is as heavy as the weight of the future.

Even if some will see a bright, successful future for Paris and other an apocalyptic vision of Paris, at the end we tend to share the save vision: green, green, green.

In 1900, the vision of Paris in 2000 was as  below, with (a Boing 747?) and some roads that we have today – and the green:

Paris is continuously thinking about his future. Maybe this started during the Exposition Universelle de 1900, when Paris was at the center of the innovation. In 1900, the future was industrial but Paris managed to remain green enough. Today, people living in Paris still seems to see the green as the only possible path for the future.

Today, a growing number of places in Paris looks as below with green clearly present:

In the pictures below, the positive and apocalyptic scenarios have similarities. All the pictures are different visions of Paris, some was ordered by the city, others are only fiction.



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