Handcrafted Animatronic Human Sculpture in Bronze and Stainless Steel

At the beginning of this millennium, during 6 years Mark Ho handcrafted an incredible animatronic human sculpture in bronze and stainless steel.

The humanoid piece of art can move in all directions, and can stay in most positions. The precision of the work is unbelievable and the result is a masterpiece, entirely built from solid pieces of  bronze and stainless steel. Many parts was made with tools that was designed for that purpose.


The masterpiece is named Zoho Artform No.1. The technical details are as follow:

  • Artist:  Mark Ho Draaien en Frezen
  • Name: Zoho Artform No.1.
  • Height: 43 cm (16.93”)
  • Width: 6 kg (13.2 lb)
  • 920 parts, including 101 per hand
  • 85 Mobile parts
  • Material: Bronze and Stainless Steel

The artist worked with a metalworking artisan to learn the basis as he doesn’t has a sculptural or metal education background. He had all the pieces in mind when creating then one by one.







The workshop:

You can look at the metal humanoid in close view:

Two of them show how realistic the humanoids can be.

The back of the humanoid shows some of 920 pieces and 85 moving parts.

Mark Ho Draaien en Frezen

The artist with an humanoid, animatronic sculpture.

I am looking for more information: how many was built? Where can we see them?

Please comment if you have any input – and all my respect for you, Mark!

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