An immersive travel in the 23rd century – The Fifth Element full length movie

New York, 23rd century – 2259 to be exact –  the flying cars are self-driven but the density of population force people to live in small boxes in multiple layers, in a strict society.  A cab driver turned unlikely hero in this timeless story in the 23rd century, and a great opportunity for us to visit a vision of the 23rd century, with full of details.

In this future world, humanity has wandered out among the stars, spreading the life-energy of the universe and further agitating the dark force, whose time to strike back occurs only once every 5,000 years, when a doorway between the parallel dimensions briefly opens.

That time is now, and Zorg, the agent of darkness, intends to take advantage of it. Humanity’s hopes may lie with Leeloo, who represents the fifth element, the life force. Leeloo holds unimaginable powers, but she needs help, and Korben befriends her. Nothing less than the future of the universe is in their hands.

Feature Film | PG-13 | 2 hr 5 min | Released: 1997
Audio: English | CC/Subtitles: English

Genres: Action, Sci-Fi

Cast: Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, Ian Holm, Chris Tucker, Milla Jovovich, Luke Perry

Directors: Luc Besson

Writers: Luc Besson, Robert Mark Kamen

Producers: Dan Weil

Source: The Fifth Element ( 1997) : A view of the future – Full length movie

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