The iPhone in 1983 had a stylus

In 1983, Apple designed a prototype for a landline telephone set with a built-in touchscreen.

The device featured a touchscreen, but it had a monochrome look and implemented a stylus for input. Its design heavily leans on white, and is indicative of Apple’s 1980’s product design scheme (and, to some degree, its present day one). One of the pictures features a check-writing app, which would suggest that it would be used for some kind of modem-based payments.

The phone never made it past the prototype phase, and that was probably to the company’s benefit. As cool — and ahead of its time — as it was, this would have been an epic flop. In order to serve any significant purpose, it would have needed a built-in modem for transferring 3 the internet was over a decade away from widespread consumer adoption.



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